Why Is It Important to Maintain?

Like most heavy machinery and control systems, stage equipment requires regularly scheduled cleaning, adjustment and maintenance to stay in top-notch condition. Poorly maintained lighting and rigging equipment can be extremely dangerous and can put those around it at serious risk. A comprehensive maintenance and inspection program can address safety concerns while eliminating inconvenient “surprise” costs and problems.

Let Hollywood Lights recommend a customized maintenance solution!

Hollywood Lights offers Preventative Maintenance Agreements for your newly purchased or existing Theatre Systems. From annual inspections to fixture alignment, lamp replacement to complete system maintenance. Hollywood Lights offers a range of solutions that will fit the budget and requirements of your facility.

We offer services to…


Big or small, we can make your theatre shine with the proper system and maintenance.


From middle schools and high schools to colleges and university campuses.


Whether it’s a commercial venue, hotel, or House of Worship, we’re happy to install and upkeep the perfect system for you.

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