Where can I get my event code?

You can find your code on your exhibtor letter provided by show management. If you have not received your letter, please contact show management. If you are still unable to find your code you can contact your local Hollywood Lights office:
Portland: (503) 232-8855 Seattle: (800) 547-2353

Is my online order and payment secure?

Yes. Hollywood Lights uses industry-standard encryption and privacy policies to protect your personal information

What is the discount deadline for an event?

It varies between one and three weeks depending upon the event. To confirm the date, locate this date at the top of your printed or online event order form.

Electrical Services

How much power do I need?

Power requirements are based on voltage & total amperage or wattage of the equipment to be connected.

120 Volt

Any piece of equipment that plugs in to a standard house or office outlet requires a 120 Volt power source. To determine the amperage or wattage, you would look on the equipment to be connected. It will have a tag located on either the rear or underside explaining what the power requirements are for that particular device. It will read something like this: (120 v 60 Hz 1500 w AC ONLY)

To determine your total power requirements, simply add the wattages of your equipment to be plugged in together.

For lighting, simply add the wattage of each bulb you need.

208 Volt & Higher

Equipment like cooking devices (ranges) & motor outlets requires higher voltage. Usually the tag will read 208 Volt, but these can also be rated at 220 or 230 Volt.

Refer to the tag on your piece of equipment, it can usually be found on the underside or backside of the device. The term wattage is usually not found on the higher voltage equipment. Instead it would read out like this:
208 Volt, 50 Amp, Three Phase (3) or KW)
208 Volt, 50 Amp, Single Phase (1) or KW)
Power usage for a 208 Volt cannot be shared. You must order a 208 Volt service + labor for each individual piece of equipment. (Labor on online orders will automatically be added to your total.)

Transformers are available for rent if you require 120/240 Volt and higher.

Is the price for power a per-day charge?

No, when you purchase your power it is for all days of the event. Your power will be turned on each day one half-hour before the event opens and turned off one half-hour after the event closes for the day.

Do I need 24-Hour power?

24-hour power is power that we leave on continually throughout the entire event even during non-show hours. It does not shut down at the end of the day as does the basic service. This service is usually requested for refrigerated equipment, aquariums, and items that require uninterrupted power.

How many outlets do I receive?

Each duplex receptacle you order will have two places to plug into that total the amount of wattage purchased.

Example – (1) 5 amp outlet accommodates 0-600 watts. (Television (500 watts) + a DVD player (100 watts) = 600 watts).

If you require more than two outlets, you can rent a power strip from Hollywood Lights or provide your own.

Can I use my own extension cords?

Exhibitors may use extension cords, provided that they are of the grounded type. Exhibitors should keep any extension cords within their booth to avoid any trip hazards.

When is my power installed?

Power is installed before the show begins. Normally, we perform installation immediately after the booths have been assembled and before exhibitors begin to move in. Pre-orders help to assure that your power is installed before you arrive.

Where inside my booth is the power placed?

Power will be placed in the back center of your booth. If you require power to be placed anywhere else in your booth, there will be an additional labor charge. It is also most helpful if there is a diagram of your booth submitted beforehand designating where you would like the power placed.

Do I need lights for my booth?

Typically, on indoor events lights are not required for your booth as the exhibit halls will be lit. However, lights can help enhance your booth and highlight your exhibit. (You do not need to order additional power with rental lights.)

If you are involved in an outdoor event that is going into the evening we offer a few different options for night time security lighting. Please check your vendor package for illustrations of available options at your event. If none are available, feel free to give us a call.